Industry Solutions

Manufacturing, Distribution and Energy Software and Services

When you invest in an ERP solution, you want to know that it’s a great fit for your industry and can help your business reach its goals without extensive modifications. mcaConnect has been able to combine the flexibility and agility of Microsoft Dynamics AX with our manufacturing, oil and gas and other industry knowledge to bring you quick time to value with lowered risk.

The average mcaConnect consultant has over 25 years of industry experience. Led by a team of trusted advisors, we provide innovative solutions with exceptional results, through deep industry knowledge, innovative ideas, and an expanding solution set.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX as the foundation, we provide a clearly defined solution stack of solutions to fill the white space around Dynamics AX to drive deeper into the verticals we serve.

Solution Stacks

mcaConnect has extended Microsoft Dynamics AX with additional software, templates, dashboards and workflows to create solution stacks for the industries we serve. These solution stacks enable us reduce the cost and complexity of your implementation and allow us to get you up and running faster.



AX4Energy – Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Oil & Gas Industry

The AX4Energy solution is specifically designed to address the needs of the oil & gas industry, whether you are involved in upstream, midstream or downstream energy operations.  From joint venture accounting to managing preventative maintenance on equipment, we understand what you need.  We can help you experience less errors and less downtime.

To learn more: Microsoft Dynamics AX for Oil & Gas

AX4Lean – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Lean Manufacturers

Lean. Process. Discrete. Made-to-order. Make-to-stock. Different manufacturing methods require different workflows, processes and templates. But whichever manufacturing mode you use, mcaConnect can help you manage every aspect of your operation from demand planning to equipment maintenance.

To learn more go to Microsoft Dynamics AX for Lean Manufacturing

AX4Discrete – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Discrete Manufacturers

Ready to transform your discrete manufacturing operations? A Microsoft Dynamics AX discrete manufacturing solution from mcaConnect can help you compete by ensuring you produce the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time – at a price the customer is willing to pay.

To learn more go to Microsoft Dynamics AX for Discrete Manufacturing