Dynamics AX Customizations

Don’t you want your software to fit YOUR business instead of being forced to adapt your processes to fit “the way the software works?”

Being able to have custom business processes is part of what helps our business create and maintain competitive differentiation. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the ability to have custom processes – without the hefty price tag and lack of upgradability you’ll find with most customizations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Customizations Made Easy with a Model-Driven Layered Architecture

One of the most compelling features of Microsoft Dynamics AX is the beauty and simplicity of its model driven layered architecture.  This type of architecture allows for quicker application development, enabling customer and partners to write less code and deliver cost effective solutions.

If you want to keep your cost of ownership down, it’s critical to focus on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).  And by implementing a model driven layered architecture, Microsoft Dynamics is able to make ALM simple.  This architecture allows for customer to keep all the different pieces of the solution separate from one another.  Things like core Microsoft code, customization and 3rd party add-ons.  This allows for easier deployment and upgrade for the entire Microsoft Dynamics ERP suite.

The way Microsoft Dynamics AX is built allows some layers and models to be modified, while keeping others stable. That means when it’s time for an upgrade, most of the code base has been untouched, and the development team can readily identify, modify and test only the portions of the code that need to change. ISV (certified add-on) solutions are also more stable, because they are kept in their own model and layer.

Dynamics AX Model Driven Layered Architecture

Let mcaConnect be Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner!

Our development team works closely with our implementation consultants as part of every Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. We can help you:

  • Build integrations to SAP/Oracle
  • Build integrations to other line of business systems
  • Decide whether to buy an ISV solution or build your own custom module
  • Code processes that are unique to your business

In defining and delivering customizations, our Microsoft Certified Professionals follow the Microsoft Sure Step methodology and tool set to minimize development costs and risks and to maximize the value the effort returns to the business.

See if mcaConnect is right for you!

5 Things to Know about Customizations in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  1. Customizations are a natural part of the implementation process, almost like configurations in other ERP systems.
  2. Customizations are kept in separate layers and models so that the system can be maintained and upgraded through ALM with relatively little hassle down the road.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to work with other systems, is extensible with .NET, SQL, APIs and other programming languages.
  4. Microsoft Dynamics AX has a community of ISV (certified add-on) extensions that may be used instead of – or in addition to – custom code.
  5. mcaConnect has all the resources you need to implement and customize your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.