Opportunity Assessment

Creating tenders and proposals can be incredibly time consuming.

If you feel like you are constantly re-creating the wheel, the Opportunity Assessment features within Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you reduce the chaos and re-gain control.

Take control of your pipeline.

  • Use Opportunity Bundles, which are products and services frequently sold as a package automated workflows to standardize and streamline the sales process. Pull from standard price lists, customize as needed.
  • Forecast future revenue and resource requirements with our sophisticated multi-period forecasting tool.
  • Weight opportunities based on probability of close.
  • Build in approval, collaboration and sign off steps to ensure all the right people have seen the proposal before it goes to the prospective client.

Gain insight company-wide.

  • Integrate with your ERP system to track forecasted sales to actual sales.
  • Produce sales forecasts by region, sales person, segment, sales team, product line.
  • Identify trends in the marketplace and for product demand.
  • Understand what your top producers are doing right so you can replicate it.