Free CRM Value Assessment

In order to know where you’re going, you must first know where you are…Is your CRM driving value?

You’re here for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re dissatisfied with your current CRM solution or
  2. You’re curious about what your CRM options are

Why else would you have found yourself here?

Choosing a new CRM implementation partner can be a daunting experience, but rest assured: mcaConnect has gained its reputation for excellence – not by selling the most software – but by making sure every solution we provide is custom built for our clients needs and expectations.

We only partner with clients when we are confident we can make a lasting impact on their business’ bottom line. In order to ensure that, we start by taking stock of your organization as it is today and understanding the goals of where you want to go. This process helps us save both your time and ours by making sure that you have the people and processes established to handle the changes that come with new technology.

To get started we ask that you fill out this short questionnaire, and then we’ll schedule a one-hour conference call to get the process rolling. Typically after this initial call, if there appears to be a potential fit, we’ll recommend a formal readiness assessment.