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Obtaining a Customer Relationship Management solution that optimizes business performance requires more than just the selection and installation of the right software application. It also requires planning and configuration to map the functionality needs of the business to that of the application. It requires training users and administrators and the migration of legacy data. It may even require some level of integration with other applications and possibly application customization to meet unique business requirements.

mcaConnect assists our clients in achieving the most value from their CRM solutions by applying a coordinated series of best practices through all of the stages of their system deployment. Explore below to learn about our CRM Services.

CRM Strategy

A great strategy is the foundation of any successful CRM deployment. mcaConnect’s CRM Strategy Services position customers for success by identifying performance improvement targets that drive competitive advantage and business transformation (not just incremental improvements). We help the business define and refine KPIs and metrics that align to goals of the CRM initiative. We assess impacts to related people, processes and systems and establish a risk matrix so we can be sure you address any factors that could prevent you from achieving success in your CRM initiative. In summary, we establish a playbook to operationalize your CRM vision by linking the CRM solution to the strategic intent of the company.

Readiness Assessments

When you take on your CRM project, can you safely predict success?  As a component of our CRM Strategy workshop, we analyze your company’s readiness and provide you with a detailed 40-point report, stressing the areas that need to be addressed before an implementation is started. When it’s time to begin, you’ll know you’re ready!

Solution Design

Defining the specific business requirements, and designing a detailed implementation plan that meets these requirements, is crucial to the success of any business system deployment. To accomplish this, mcaConnect performs a CRM Solution Design project at the front end of a CRM implementation project. During this project we perform various activities such as executive workshops, system walkthroughs, and conference room pilots that allow us to identify inefficiencies in the existing systems and processes, mission critical functions, system inputs, system outputs, existing reports, application interfaces, and process dependencies. Establishing a well-defined list of requirements and solution capabilities during the design phase represents a prime opportunity to manage the project’s cost and delivery date.


From rapid deployments to a single business unit to complex global deployments that span disparate lines of business, mcaConnect applies proven methodology leveraging Microsoft’s Sure Step foundation to ensure that high quality, timely, cost effective implementations are delivered.

For most customers we are able to leverage our pre-built industry solutions to that enables us to very cost effectively deliver high value, mature solutions.  These “baseline configurations” are based on experience gained working with Dynamics CRM since its initial release to the market and our deep experience working in the manufacturing, oil & gas, engineering, and other industry verticals.

Application Development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used as a foundation for building line of business applications, reducing delivery times by as much as 80%. Leveraging the extensive Dynamics CRM SDK, security model, dynamic SOA Web Service creation, declarative data modeling, and other platform services make it a fast and easy platform for developing highly functional and scalable web applications.

mcaConnect delivers high quality, cost-effective custom development for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We will interact closely with your business team to spec, code, test, and install custom solutions using the CRM SDK and leveraging best practices and experience acquired over hundreds of implementations.  The result: You get high quality, optimized solutions delivered quickly and professionally.


mcaConnect conducts standard and customized on-site training for our customers in preparation for go live as well as for advanced or refresher training. We also provide application administration training and application customization training for technical support teams. The benefit of working with mcaConnect for training is that we employ highly experienced CRM professionals that have a tremendous amount or real-work experience combined with a deep working knowledge of your deployment and business processes.

Managed Services

Changing technologies and fluctuating customer demands present significant challenges. Our team can help you handle the unexpected, manage routine day-to-day processes, and provide a roadmap to lower your total cost of ownership all the while keeping you on the leading edge of innovation.

mcaConnect offers you full access to a highly experienced Dynamics CRM Services team.  Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to the long-term success of your business.  We assist our customers with a full range of on-site and remote Application Support Services, on both technical and functional sides of the Dynamics CRM platform that enable them to obtain maximum value from their Microsoft CRM investment while realizing cost savings and simplified operations.


Oftentimes, CRM upgrades to the latest and greatest version represent opportunities for the business to capitalize on new capabilities and implement new functionality to a broader set of users.  mcaConnect’s CRM upgrade services enables customers to get the most from their CRM investment without getting bogged down by the

Solution Audits

Wondering if your CRM solution is set up the best way?  A mcaConnect Solution Audit and Recommendations initiative helps customers assess their existing deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and gain insight to what’s holding them back from realizing the full ROI that CRM should be delivering.  After analyzing your current state, we provide, where appropriate, recommendations for improvements to processes and workflows, functional/technical design, custom code and configurations, security modelling, and technical performance improvements.

Management Empowerment

In most cases the introduction of CRM to an organization presents cultural and procedural changes.   Executive management plays an essential role in supporting this change.  Oftentimes however, CRM initiatives fail because executive management does not embrace the application as a mechanism to monitor performance and end user compliance becomes optional. 

Are the KPIs that have hopefully been defined for your business operations in advance of the deployment of a CRM solution understood by everyone?  Do managers know how to use these results to interpret what’s working and what needs to be adjusted?

mcaConnect’s Management Empowerment program helps senior and mid-level managers to adopt best practices in leveraging the CRM technology to impact performance and productivity.  We also coach managers on how to analyze and interpret the KPIs and reports until the change and capabilities have been assimilated.  The Management Empowerment Program can serve as the missing link between success and failure with CRM.


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