CRM Competencies

Customer Management & Marketing Solutions

Today’s CRM solutions need to manage customers and prospects beyond the standard sales funnel and call center. Customers want to engage with your business “their way.” That means you have to be listening to what’s being said on social media and find cost effective ways to find and support customers.

From web portals to mobile applications, we can help you meet your toughest customer acquisition challenges and help you provide the support that will turn your customers into evangelists. We can help you design the “perfect on-the-road sales day” or build omni-channel marketing campaigns. mcaConnect has developed numerous CRM extensions that are exclusively available to our customers.

mcaConnect CRM Competency Areas

mca Connect's CRM competency areas graphic



Role-based portals can be further customized by the user, ensuring that every employee has the insight they need to perform their job efficiently.


Sales and service professionals need access to customer data on the road and in the field. With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM apps for phones and tablets, mobile employees can access and update records easily – even when internet access is unavailable. Watch:

Social Insights

Listening tools allow you to monitor customer prospect and partner relationships right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Find what people are saying about your brand, products and services to gain a true understanding about your business. Watch:

Salesforce Automation

Built-in workflows and templates empower your sales team to sell smarter, faster and more nimbly. Provide a personalized experience for each customer engagement, and sell more by collaborating with colleagues. Watch:

Marketing Automation

Build multi-channel campaigns. Drive revenue. Gain insight into the buyer’s journey. Marketing automation ties in with salesforce automation to enable you to manage the entire customer lifecycle. Watch:

Service Automation

Customers want support their way – web, email, phone, chat –even Twitter. Your customer service reps want to know all the touch points so they can be aware of the relationship and support history.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to wow customers by empowering your service reps with contextual information. Watch:

Custom Solutions (xRM)

Microsoft Dynamics can be adapted as a business platform to manage anything. Not just customers. This method can speed up delivery and time to value by as much as 80% over traditional custom application development.

System Integration

No application stands alone. The mcaConnect development team has built hundreds of integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to extend functionality and share data across applications.

Business Analytics

Actionable insight is the name of the game. Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with built-in dashboards and reports that can slice-and-dice your customer data in multiple ways. In addition mcaConnect offers other analytic solutions that can aggregate data from multiple systems.