Rapid Opportunity Assessment

SS-BullseyeWhat is a rapid opportunity assessment?

A rapid opportunity assessment is a short (normally 2-week) engagement we undertake for companies already running Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our most common projects come about when someone in the company has a brilliant idea of how to do something faster, better or differently, BUT they’re not sure the idea will work, or how to quantify the expected results to see if it’s worth the disruption.

Companies then hire us to investigate the viability, risks and opportunity of a project before they commit big dollars to its undertaking. We’ll help you answer questions like:

  • What will it take in dollars and resources to complete this project?
  • What are the projected time and money savings?
  • What steps do we need to take to successfully roll out these new processes?
  • Are there additional opportunities we’re not seeing that could make this project even more successful?
  • Finally, should this project be a GO or NO-GO?

By hiring mcaConnect before you jump into a Microsoft Dynamics improvement project, you’ll know whether there is a real need and the best ways to approach this project to maximize your opportunities for success. And just as importantly, we might be able to stop you from going down a rabbit hole that’s going to cost you time, money and big headaches.

mcaConnect uses proprietary evaluation tools that have been developed from implementing hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics AX/CRM projects with companies like yours, giving you the opportunity to “cut to the chase” and quickly determine the right course of action.

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