Manufacturing Transformation


We take Lean Manufacturing into high-variable complex manufacturing environment where traditional manual methods to support Lean have been challenging.

“We stayed with Microsoft Dynamics AX because AX 2012 has the Lean methodology built in.  AX 2012 enables us to run our company in a truly Lean way—without fighting with our software. It’s the only ERP solution on the market that can do that.”Bill BattershellCFO, Rochester Guages

If your organization is interested in addressing the challenges of variation and dynamic change, we can help you see your projected ROI using our lean planning tool – Areteium.  Companies have seen savings estimates in the Millions – and even surpassed those projections in actuality. See our Dell Case Study as one example!

Using our proprietary lean planning tool Areteium, we can pull in your existing data to rapidly develop a quantitative understanding of your manufacturing operations. Armed with this knowledge, we can then develop the appropriate strategies for inventory positioning and flexible capacity planning.

Comparing your current state of operations with future state design, we can then begin to fill the gap.  We analyze and align your people, processes and technology with your strategy to achieve complete manufacturing transformation.  Check out our pages on CRM for Manufacturing and ERP for Manufacturing to learn how we use technology to enable you to achieve competitive differentiation and dominance in your market.

Whether you are just beginning your lean journey, or well on your way, mcaConnect has the team and resources to accelerate your success.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Operational Assessment

Are you ready for change? That’s the question that our Operational Assessment answers.  We take a look at your current operations, your people, your processes, and your strategy to understand your both your key challenges and long-term vision.  Your key personnel will fill out a series of self-administered surveys that help us understand their viewpoints and gather their insight. Then we’ll we capture a financial baseline of operational performance and project proforma financial results. If lean concepts are new to the organization, we can provide standard lean education in value stream mapping, takt time, pull signals and kaizens for continuous improvement.

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Plan for Every Part

A Plan for Every Part strategy identifies product families of common processes which in combination with understanding of demand patterns and demand fluctuation determines buffering, lead time, and fulfillment strategies.  This analysis uses your system data imported into our Areteium lean planning tool in order to accomplish this in days rather than weeks or months.

Value Stream Mapping

With an overall strategy in place, Areteium generates value stream maps to quantitatively understand takt time, interval, operator balance and supermarket sizing.  Our team will identify the kaizens needed to achieve future state improvements and waste reduction goals.

ERP Alignment

Once a future state is designed, our ERP Manufacturing team can either implement Microsoft Dynamics AX – or turn the project back over to your internal team to implement lean principles using another ERP product.  Whether we do your implementation or not, you will gain significant value from this strategic discovery endeavor.  We don’t know of any other tool that can tackle the challenges of implementing lean like the Areteium lean planning tool can.


By undergoing a manufacturing transformation, you are positioning your company for growth. We will show you exactly the steps you need to take to increase bottom-line profitability.

Every manufacturing company seeks to increase quality, reduce inventory, lead time, and use all of its available capacity.  However, realizing these benefits is challenging – especially when you have a high degree of product complexity and variability in customer demand.  With the help of mcaConnect, you will be able to determine the metrics and KPIs that will help you manage your businesses, and reinforce desired lean behaviors.

Typical results of lean transformation are substantial reductions in inventory, in lead time, in space required, in overtime or expedite expenses with a corresponding increase in profitability, responsiveness to customers, and ultimately increased market share.  Properly conceived, lean is a strategy for growth and not just cost reduction.


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Matt Griffiths of DELL Talks Results

Matt Griffiths of DELL Talks Results

“Since deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX, we have reduced manufacturing IT costs by $96 million. The Microsoft Dynamics solution contributes approximately $50 million of those savings.”

The Benefits of Lean Transformation

Eliminate wastes and reduce lead time, increase the quality of your products, reduce inventory headaches, and increase your productivity and profits. Learn how in this whitepaper.