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Would you spend thousands of dollars on an ERP or CRM implementation to achieve “better sameness?”  Companies do. Every day.

Our experience has shown us that when an ERP or CRM implementation is taken on as a technology project, that’s the result you can expect.  You may get a better look and feel. A more modern user experience. Some improved processes.  But usually you’re NOT going to get a business transformation.

To achieve a competitive edge, you must start with your executive vision –THEN align that vision to the solution’s capabilities. That’s how you break away from the pack of competitors!

When we begin a project, we start with aligning the executives’ goals to the project. We take the time to understand your executive vision, or what we often refer to as the organization’s strategic intent. Most technology consulting firms skip this piece – and that’s a mistake, because that’s where you realize the true value of the software. Our differentiator at mcaConnect is that we balances two key concepts – Strategic Fit (sole focus of typical implementations) and Strategic Intent (what’s often done by high-priced management consulting firms).

What’s the difference between Strategic Fit and Strategic Intent?

  • Strategic Fit addresses the way companies choose to improve processes or introduce new capabilities as part of an ERP or CRM implementation. For example, you may streamline an invoicing process that adds some efficiency – or you may take on an industry best practice for handling back orders.  Many ERP implementations make sure you have a good strategic fit.
  • Strategic Intent is the game changer! When you start with a Strategic Intent, you can use the ERP or CRM implementation initiative as a springboard to update strategy, better align your organization with its strategic vision, improve process capabilities, and become more agile and market focused.  By beginning with Strategic Intent, you create operational opportunities that will result in competitive advantages.  Strategic Intent is creating the vision first, and only then aligning the software, processes and people to make it happen.

Many companies make the mistake of only looking at strategic fit.  To fully realize the benefits of a new ERP solution, companies need to define their strategic intent for the organization and for each process area.


  • Define your ideal future state and value advantage over the competition;
  • Gain consensus on your organization’s strategic intent and a quantitative understanding of how each department / division contributes to the organization’s success;
  • Establish a fully aligned set of value chain strategies (e.g. Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Plan to Production);
  • Execute a well-crafted go-to-market playbook and assign specific targeted outcomes to each value chain to support your company’s strategic intent and align with the strategic intent of other value chains;
  • Avoid operational misalignment, such as changing production planning approaches but not considering the impact on other operations such as sales or supply chain.

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Strategic Alignment

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