Change Management

One of the #1 reasons software implementations fail is lack of user adoption.

Can you afford for your project to fail?

You may say no, but we know that a lot of CRM and ERP implementation don’t live up to expectations.

One of the ways you can set yourself up for success is to manage the organizational change. Change is hard for most people, and that’s why it becomes a risk point in any major change initiative (like a software implementation).

mcaConnect Change Management Services help you streamline change management and align future-state business processes to your company’s strategic intent – setting your course and fueling the drive to competitive supremacy.

Our approach incorporates four major areas – readiness assessment, communication, organizational design and training. mcaConnect Change Management Services integrate a portfolio of skills, tools, and people oriented strategies focused on education and training.

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Readiness assessment

When you take on your CRM or ERP project, can you safely predict success?  We analyze your company’s readiness and provide you with a detailed 40-point report, stressing the areas that need to be addressed before an implementation is started. When it’s time to begin, you’ll know you’re ready!


Employees often feel left in the dark about then become frustrated or resentful about the changes being thrust upon them.  We help internal and external get excited and engaged with the project by providing vendor selection announcements, quick win highlights, and regular progress updates.

Organizational Design

Software, people and process changes need to be managed so changes can happen in concert.  We analyze and align your organization’s design to provide enhanced role efficiencies and structure to support the business transformation.


Often training gets neglected or rushed because there is so much pressure to go live. No one likes to endure “trial by fire.” A well thought out training plan ensures end users feel competent to handle the execution of their responsibilities.