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Do you want to build a true business competitive advantage?

You’re not going to achieve differentiation just by replacing your business management systems.  No matter how good your software is, technology is only one part of the solution.  Our Business Strategy Consulting Services help achieve transformation through alignment of the organization’s strategic intent to:

  • Processes
  • People
  • Technology
  • Performance Management

We elevate the conversation above the technology level to ensure your executive vision becomes a reality.  “On time and on budget” is only useful if you are first “on target and aligned with vision.”

We believe that:

  • Strategy, independent of process, technology and performance measurement will not deliver transformative results.
  • Implementation of technology without first assessing and understanding the strategic intent of the organization will not deliver transformative results.

mcaConnect will lead you through our 40 Pillars of Impact to ensure you are ready realize transformation through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM.

How competitive do you want to be? The Business Strategy Consulting Services group at mcaConnect is a game changer, raising the bar on executive expectations relating to targeted business improvements.

Looking to drive strategic value through your software implementation?

Buying the right software does NOT mean you’ll achieve the goals of your implementation. Learn the 5 keys to unlocking strategic value in our eBook and on-demand webinar!

Keys to Driving Strategic Value Webinar


By engaging with mcaConnect Business Strategy Services, you will:

  • Identify opportunities to drive competitive advantage and business transformation (not just incremental improvements)
  • Prioritize key initiatives
  • Put performance management tools in place to track KPIs
  • Have a playbook to operationalize your vision
  • Be confident in the success of your Microsoft Dynamics AX and or CRM implementation.