Advanced Analytics and Big Data

Business Analytics Flow Chart 4

Do you feel like your competitors are sneaking up on you? They might be.

It’s no longer just the biggest companies in the world who are using Advanced Analytics and Big Data today. As the practice becomes more affordable and accessible, savvy data-driven companies are gaining a competitive edge by extending their own internal data with external data sets to gain exceptionally accurate insight.

Our mcaConnect Business Analytics team will help you build an organization that has the capability and culture of making data-driven decision based on research and in-depth analysis. You will be able to use this data to improve your products and services.

Examples of how big data might be used include:CTA-Analytics

  • Managing supply chain risk by identifying risk of delay based on weather patterns
  • Cut manufacturing costs by identifying which components are most likely to break down and improving the product
  • Analyze area geology and compare against oil well performance to find new sites

Our agile methodology for implementation and deployment of Business Analytics solutions helps you get up and running faster. Iterative prototypes are used to validate build accuracy against business requirements. Regularly scheduled project review meetings help everyone become familiar with the unfinished solution prototype as it is being developed, so that any unforeseen deviations in functionality or completeness are able to be corrected in a timely manner. The familiarization of the solution throughout the project cycle creates early adoption and ownership by final end users. Change management and handover of the solution is typically more effective using an agile approach with involvement of client personnel throughout the project.

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