Business Analytics

 CRM and ERP Business Alignment

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.” – Marcus Lemonis from The Profit

However, when you have multiple entities, multiple currencies, multiple locations or other complexities, it’s not easy to know your numbers.  And even if you do know your numbers, you might not actually have actionable business insight.  If you see an area for concern, how do you course correct based on the data provided?

In order to achieve your strategic goals you have to:CTA-Analytics

  • Know how your business is performing
  • Know your performance targets
  • Know which levers to adjust to re-align to targets

Often key metrics are inconsistent across facilities, not calculated the same way, require manual adjustment to complete or standardize, or often are not being tracked at all.  mcaConnect’s Strategic Business Analytics (BA) services will establish definition around what metrics to analyze and how to measure them.  We’ll also ensure that your Business Analytics and your Dynamics AX and/or CRM Business Applications have the design and alignment required to deliver performance management excellence.  In sum, we’ll help you convert data into business intelligence and business intelligence into business action.

Strategic BA provides the link between executive information needs and the business processes end to end. mcaConnect’s approach and toolset will provide meaningful and actionable data to make high-quality, high-impact business decisions.

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