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Firearms manufacturer partners with mcaConnect

Firearms manufacturer partners with mcaConnect

ERP and CRM Managed Services

Facing one of these daunting problems with your current ERP or CRM solution:

  • Are you tired of fighting fires? Do you stress out when the system goes down and you can’t fulfill orders?
  • Do you wish your business applications – Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and accompanying ISV solutions would just work perfectly and in harmony?
  • Do you worry what might occur if something happened to the one person on your team who knows the system best?
  • Would you like to move your applications to the cloud, but don’t know how to get started? Or are you looking for support for your applications already in the Cloud?
  • Do you require a more predicable cost structure to support your systems?

We can help you with all of that!  We have one of the largest and best trained Microsoft Dynamics teams in the country. Our Managed Services team is 100% dedicated to providing post go-live application support for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

With our new fixed rate unlimited support plan, you won’t face any surprises! Learn how mcaConnect’s unlimited support plan gives you increased benefits for a decreased cost compared to our competition.

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The mcaConnect Managed Services Mottos

We actually have two mottos. Motto #1 is “Keep Improving!” Far too many companies buy software, get it live and that’s where the project finishes. The technology then ages in place and as business processes change, people start working around and outside of the system. Companies who want to achieve a competitive edge have a culture of continuous improvement. You made a significant investment up front to get onto the software. Maximize Your Value!

With our team working as an extended part of your team, you are able to keep your system running smoothly and taking advantage of new opportunities to innovate and cut costs. As your partner, we will join with you and take a proactive approach to keep your systems humming along without incident and adapting to changes in your business needs.

Our services are customized to accommodate your resource needs and budget requirements. Many of our clients have only limited internal staff (i.e. a couple of key super users), and leverage mcaConnect’s Managed Services team to do routine maintenance, major upgrades and customizations.

What’s Our Second Motto?

“Let mcaConnect Be Your Extended Team.” While the majority of our clients work with us on a regular basis to optimize their environment, occasionally we have clients who just want to use our Advanced Service Desk on an as-needed basis. Even the most prepared companies will find that once in a while they have an emergency and wish they had a 911 app for Microsoft Dynamics. We are proud and prepared to answer your call!

Our Managed Services team can also do complete Microsoft Dynamics project rescues. Or perhaps you just want an implementation audit to help ensure your project stays on track.

Some of the Key Benefits of Working with Us Are:

  • You get to work with a “team of 3.” Every mcaConnect Managed Services client gets assigned a service delivery manager, a functional lead and a technical lead. This gives you access to a variety of skill sets, and have a team that really understands the uniqueness of your business, your processes and your system. Our team members have an average of 8 years of Dynamics experience!
  • You won’t have the spikes in cost and suffer the emotional turmoil that comes from having your systems working inefficiently or breaking down at critical junctures. Our Managed Services agreements are structured to provide a predictable cost that’s easier on your cash flow.
  • Because we work with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM every day, and we are part of your extended team, we can make recommendations for efficiencies you may have never even considered.
  • You don’t have to displace your existing partner. If you have a partner you love who just doesn’t offer our range of services, we’re happy to work side-by-side with them!

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mcaConnect Managed Services

mcaConnect Managed Services

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