Free Whitepaper: Why CFOs Choose mcaConnect and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Learn how CFOs just like you have leveraged Dynamics AX with the help of mcaConnect to make their business more efficient and more profitable


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Successful CFOs need tools that turn data clues into key facts and actionable information they can use to direct corporate strategy and refocus rapidly, without waiting for the month, quarter, or year to close. And they want more than to churn out numbers – CFOs and their business managers want the story behind the numbers. They want to be able to integrate financial and operational data in ways that get at the real change drivers for the business, and reveal opportunities for innovation.

What You’ll Learn
How CFOs leverage technology and business transformation to mine hidden profits
How to power bottom line results through ERP
How Dynamics AX offers ease of use, flexibility and low TCO
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Microsoft Dynamics AX business solutions provide the capabilities organizations need to meet today’s requirements and position themselves to compete and grow in the years ahead. Dynamics AX offers ease of use, flexibility and low TCO. Just as important, Dynamics enterprise solutions are built on a strong foundation of proven technology and continuous research and development to ensure and secure your business future. Find out how CFOs like you are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX by filling out the form.