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Webinar: Show Me the Money – Connecting the Dots Between Lean, ERP and ROI

A lean transformation sounds promising. So do most ERP implementations at the outset. Both promise a reduction of waste, less inventory carrying costs, and improved efficiencies – but how do these initiatives translate to the bottom line?  How do you extend ‘lean’ beyond the manufacturing floor to create efficiencies throughout the organization?  How to you ensure you achieve expected value from these major projects? Find out by watching our on-demand webinar.

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If you are a senior financial executive and want to get a firm grasp on how a lean transformation using technology can be measured, you need to watch this webinar.

What You’ll Learn
How a major computer hardware manufacturer was able to save $50 million, replace 100 systems and retire 1900 servers by switching to Microsoft Dynamics AX
Which KPIs are most important when you are trying to understand the value of implementing lean principles into your technology infrastructure
How to reconcile lean with ERP when they seem to be at odds
Who’ll Be Presenting
Phil Coy
Phil Coy
Phil leads mcaConnect’s Manufacturing Excellence practice. With a passion for putting lean manufacturing principles into real-life ERP implementations for bottom line results, Phil regularly brings the credibility of his 35 years of in-the-trenches experience to conference stages.
Mike Green
Mike Green
Mike Green is Vice President of Solution Consulting for mcaConnect and is responsible for solution architecture, and business process alignment for ERP clients. Green has over 25years of experience in manufacturing, MRP, ERP and the Microsoft Dynamics platform.