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Webinar: Keys to Driving Strategic Value from Your ERP/CRM Solution

Did you know that over 50% of ERP and CRM projects are deemed a failure, typically NOT because the implementation itself failed, but because the project failed to make significant differences in the company’s business operations and profitability?

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As a leader in your company, you have the capability to influence the outcome of the project. All you need is to arm yourself with the right information – information we’ll be sharing in this on-demand webinar.

What You’ll Learn
2 success drivers that should be top priorities for every implementation.
4 pillars of transformation. If these 4 pillars are misaligned, your project is at high risk of failure.
5 deliverables to demand from your partner (not including the project plan, budget and methodology).
Who’ll Be Presenting
Howard Hohnadel
Howard Hohnadel
Howard is the Director of Strategic Services for mcaConnect, his extensive 20+ year career as a management consulting executive has forged a clarity on how to achieve process alignment and execute a market driven strategy. He’s collected stories and lessons learned working with a diverse range of companies, from major international enterprises to self-funded startups.
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Gain the cumulative wisdom of working on hundreds of complex ERP and CRM projects.