xRM Custom Solutions

Have you been considering building a custom application, but you don’t want the risk?

xRM is a way to develop exactly what you want, but with a shorter development cycle and a faster time to value. We use xRM as a rapid development platform so that we can help you:

  • Accelerate the creation of line of business (LOB) applications.
  • Reduce spend on custom development and one-off solutions.
  • Deliver solutions in a quick, scalable, repeatable fashion.
  • Leverage existing IT investments across lines of business.
  • Eliminate unnecessary legacy technology platforms.
  • Minimize risk by leveraging the parts of the development process that are commodities.
  • Enable business agility with flexible, maintainable technology.
  • Align IT expenditures with business objectives.

Using the application framework from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the X in xRM means you can manage anything you want. Our clients have used mcaConnect xRM solutions to manage and automate:

  • Government regulations
  • Equipment and asset maintenance
  • Warranties, contracts and SLAs
  • Recruiting and retention processes
  • And many other critical business processes

When you choose a Microsoft product, you get a solution that is easily integrated and extended, and will be supported when you want to make upgrades. Your custom xRM solution can get up and running faster because the database modeling, data forms, workflows, business logic, mobile device access, security modeling, data analytics and more are all pre-built and thoroughly tested, allowing us to develop your custom application faster, easier – and a lower cost than a pure custom application.

When you choose mcaConnect, you get a partner that knows the technology, knows the industry and will get to know your business in-depth. We have a number of pre-built xRM solutions for the manufacturing, oil & gas and engineering industries.

Ask us how we can help fast track your next application development project! Contact us today.