Sales Force Automation

Sales is the lifeblood of every company. Your customer relationship management system should be the beating heart that supplies information to every area of your business.

But sometimes it doesn’t, because…

  • The system is too complicated and time consuming.
  • The system doesn’t add value to your sales personnel….so they don’t use it…and you can’t extract useful insights.
  • Enforcement of usage is tricky. Are you really going to penalize your top performers for not entering their deals?

When you work with a strong, experienced partner like mcaConnect, we make sure that your CRM adds value to every single member of your sales force. Sales people WILL use the system if it helps them make more money and close deals faster.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has several distinct advantages over other solutions on the market today. One of its key strengths is its ease of use and interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint and Lync. Your team doesn’t have to work “in some external system.” They can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Outlook – or right from their mobile phone or tablet.

Some of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Force Automation include:

  • Win Complex Deals with Collaboration and Communication Tools – Collaborate with colleagues in your office and across the world to win complex opportunities. Share documents, information and insight with ease. Personalize your customer interactions based on their behaviors to create relevant engagement and earn their trust.
  • Prioritize Opportunities – Ever lost a deal because something slipped through the cracks? Microsoft’s intuitive dashboards, embedded processes and insights delivered by InsideView create an at-a-glance understanding of daily priorities, helping you close more deals with less stress.
  • Hit Your Sales Goals – Transform your sales organization by providing coaching and aligning sales behavior with proven best practices. Ease new rep on-boarding and standardize customer engagement.
  • Deepen engagement with social selling – Cold calling is dead…or very close to it. However, prospects leave clues online. Are they visiting your website? Sharing your content? You should know. And with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can!
  • Anticipate Customer Needs – Stop leaving money on the table. Advanced lead scoring capabilities allow you to pinpoint opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell to your existing customers, adding value to them and revenue for you. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Power BI tool provides you with view pre-built, interactive dashboards and contextual charts.

See why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leader in Sales Force Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Planning and Management Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Planning and Management Capabilities