Marketing Automation

“57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier.” (CEB)

With more of the sales cycle happening before sales even gets involved, marketing automation has never been more important. Buyers want to do their own research, and only engage with sales once they’ve narrowed down their options.

Based on your unique needs, we offer two marketing automation solutions that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Click Dimensions.

With marketing automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can capture leads and nurture prospects to close, keeping your sales and marketing team on the same page.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing automation features include the ability to:

  • Keep in front of customers and prospects with email marketing and campaign automation. Build multi-channel automated campaigns. Based on the user’s behaviors and activities, they’ll be routed to receive the right information
  • Attract web visitors and convert them into leads with beautiful easy-to-create landing pages and web forms. Web intelligence will tell you who keeps coming back and what pages they are viewing
  • Prioritize your best opportunities with lead scoring. Assign values to various activities so you can monitor your lead’s progress through the sales pipeline
  • Create engagement with social discovery, surveys and SMS messaging. Being online to day means being everywhere – not just on your website