Field Services

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service solution (formerly FieldOne Field Service Solution) is a great fit for companies who have field sales and service reps out on client sites.

Eliminate lost paperwork. Eliminate confusion about what should be done and how much should be charged. This proven all-in-one solution gets the right people, tools and equipment to the right job at the right time.Field Services Software

Automating your field service organization can help you:

  • Reduce travel time by 10-20%
  • Increase number of service calls by 10-20%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by keeping in communication with customers
  • Reduce costs by identifying issues early and taking proactive action by identifying trends like defective parts and common problems
  • Improve employee retention by empowering field reps with the tools and information they need

Find the Right Field Service Solution For Your Business

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Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Field Service has all the great features you’d expect from any Microsoft product. It integrates with other business applications and can be easily customized, enabling you to quickly drive value to your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service capabilities include:

  • Scheduling and dispatching – Get the right people and equipment to the right place at the right time
  • Automated routing – Balance workloads and prioritize jobs based on contract agreements, agent location, agent credentials and numerous other factors
  • Service agreement management – Meet contract and warranty terms. Make sure you are charging your clients correctly
  • Inventory management – Scan your inventory as it moves from warehouses to trucks and onto the customer site. Trigger purchase orders and inventory movements for automatic replenishment
  • Customer communication tools – Sent text or email alerts to customers to keep them in the loop as the job progresses. You can also enable self-service through customer or partner portals
  • Knowledge base access – Field reps can watch videos or access equipment documentation, enabling them to fix more problems on the first visit

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service has robust integration to Outlook for those in the office, and works equally well in the field, accessible through an app available for any mobile device. Even when field service reps are offline, the system remains fully functional.

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