CRM Service

Do you have customers? Yes? Then you know how important it is to keep them happy. Service means different things for different companies.

What type of service do you need to provide to your customers?

  • Easy customer self-service – Customers today often want to solve their issues on their own. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a branded online portal with a knowledge base customers can search.
  • Revenue-driving support center – Keep track of SLAs (service level agreements) and billable hours. Use workflows to route to escalation or specialty areas.
  • Efficient field service – Get rid of the paper. Optimize routes. Gather electronic signatures. Empower your technicians with the real-time guidance and insight they need – from any mobile device.
  • Omni-channel support – Do you have customers who are tweeting support questions to you on Twitter, while others are emailing or phoning in their questions? You want to have one 360 view of every customer engagement – as well as know if they have other interactions going on with your company in the sales or accounting departments. Make your customers feel like you really know who they are – because you do!

And of course, no matter how you choose to support your customers, you want to constantly improve service metrics, earn loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with robust analytics capabilities to help you identify trends and measure progress over time.