Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial & Operational Management

Monitor the pulse of your business with real-time access to business intelligence

Are you exhausted by how difficult it is to consolidate information and really understand the health of your business? As an executive, you need a holistic view of all important information in a single place.

“We chose Dynamics AX because it allowed us to operate in multiple companies, multiple languages and multiple currencies in a single ERP instance.  We knew at the time we selected the package that we would need a global partner with depth and breadth to implement it for us in our four worldwide locations and mcaConnect had that capability to help us deliver our project on time and on budget.”

Guy Thomas, GSE

Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with business intelligence tools, like Microsoft Power BI, enables you to collect data from across various sources like Excel spreadsheets, web analytics, databases, and CRM systems and bring that data to life in seconds through personalized dashboards, workspaces and reports that can help you make the right data-driven decisions.

A Microsoft Dynamics AX solution from mcaConnect will quickly become the hub of your business, providing you with the tools and insight you need to outperform your peers. Some of the financial and operational management features of Microsoft Dynamics AX include the ability to:

  • Drive corporate performance with familiar data visualization tools that allow your workforce to dive into insights and collaborate. Build a true digital, data-driven enterprise by connecting everything across their organization – people, processes, data, and systems
  • Grow your business by predicting, evaluating, and responding to market opportunities in real-time. Evaluate market opportunities in real-time by taking your own internal data and combining it with external data in seconds. Get insights from millions of rows of data without any technical expertise and use it to share compelling information
  • Connect subsidiaries and partners quickly. Growth in business is happening around the world, from acquisitions and mergers to the launch of new subsidiaries and partners. Each of these organizations often brings their own set of tools and systems which need to be carefully incorporated into a centrally managed system to support a unified view across the business. From local deployments to large international rollouts, companies around the world are linking their own ERP systems, like SAP, to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX to provide their finance teams with 360-degree views of customers and the business
  • Gain visibility and control of your time and money. Manage schedules, resources, time and expense, as well as budgets, funding and billing arrangements across both internal cost and external revenue projects. Leverage built-in integration with other Microsoft Dynamics AX functions, including general ledger, sales, service, procurement, and production
  • Go global! Microsoft Dynamics AX support multiple currencies and multiple languages.  In addition, the system is built with 36 country-specific capabilities to help you meet local and regional financial regulations (such as value-added tax (VAT) requirements) and market requirements (such as electronic banking)

If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics AX financial and operations capabilities, download the Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial brochure.

Hear Why CFO’s Choose mcaConnect and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you increase the speed of doing business

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you increase the speed of doing business

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you drive business performance

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you drive business performance