Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Planning

Every manufacturer needs to know how much product they need, and when they’ll need it.  Lacking a crystal ball, most manufacturers have to make educated guesses on how much product to make (and therefore also how much material to purchase and resources to schedule) based on seasonality, history, trends, innovations and other factors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Forecasting – This feature helps organizations improve the accuracy of forecasts and therefore improve product availability, and minimize inventory costs. With built-in integration to Microsoft Excel and Azure machine learning, demand forecasting is easier than ever.

  • Using Excel for Demand Forecasting – Build your initial forecast in Microsoft Dynamics AX based on historical data using Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms. Then use Microsoft Excel to update your forecast, and import the adjusted values back into Microsoft Dynamics AX forecast models.
  • Using Azure Machine Learning – With regards the azure machine learning integration, you could potentially estimate future demand by using the power and extensibility of a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning cloud service. The service performs best-match model selection and offers key performance indicators (KPIs) for calculating forecast accuracy. For example, you might use this service to look at weather or traffic conditions to anticipate potential issues impacting product delivery or availability.

Material and capacity planning – Once you have developed your demand forecast, the next step is then to optimize production and materials planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Use finite or infinite scheduling, forward and backward from various dates. You can quickly (re)schedule jobs and simulate alternatives by dragging Gantt chart items. Resolve scheduling overloads by reassigning operations to alternate work centers. Improve machine utilization by combining similar products while letting customers request multiple quality specifications per product (product batch sequencing). Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to optimize scheduling across the organization with a unified resource model and scheduling engine. You can also use Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management features to alert your suppliers, giving them adequate lead time to provide you with needed materials.

Forecast delivery dates using operations or bottleneck scheduling – Can you take this order and deliver it on time? Microsoft Dynamics AX has robust capabilities that enable you to calculate available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) ship dates to customers, even when you are manufacturing or shipping from multiple sites. Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Master Planning Workspace offers at-a-glance information about when the last master planning run was completed, whether it had any errors, what the urgent planned orders are, and which planned orders caused delays.

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Learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Forecasting

Learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX Demand Forecasting