Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – D365 for Discrete


Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations…FASTER!

D365 for Discrete by mcaConnect, is an out-of-the-box manufacturing ERP package to help your organization accelerate the timeline of your ERP implementation. D365 for Discrete helps you:

  • Go live on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations FASTER! You can get started on your new system within HOURS, and be live within WEEKS. Standard implementations take months…sometimes years!
  • See a return on your technology investment SOONER. You get all the same great Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations functionality and scalability as you do with a standard implementation, but at a lower cost and less time invested on your part.
  • Reduce risk of SCOPE CREEP and UNEXPECTED COSTS. Because D365 for Discrete has a fixed deployment, your costs and timetable are predictable.
  • Minimize DISRUPTION to your business. With D365 for Discrete, mcaConnect does (or has pre-built) most of the work, so your IT & business teams can continue doing their regular work.

We are the manufacturing experts.

As one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the U.S., we’ve been named Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Partner of the Year, U.S. Dynamics Manufacturing Partner of the Year and have received a myriad of other awards. We’ve packaged up our knowledge, templates and training to offer this proprietary turnkey system.

You’ll get:

  • A pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations system (which can be customized later if desired!)
  • Built-in discrete manufacturing best practices
  • Pre-built data import tools
  • User onboarding and training delivered by consultants with years of manufacturing expertise
  • Reports and dashboards tailored to multiple user roles
  • Expert technical support

In return, you are able to give up:

  • Endless project meetings
  • Making hundreds of tiny decisions
  • Disruption of your IT staff’s valuable time
  • Sleepless nights wondering how the project will turn out

All the Manufacturing Functionality You Need is Built-In

D365 for Discrete gives you everything you need to facilitate a flexible and fast ERP implementation to support key manufacturing processes, such as:

  • Concept to market
  • Procure to pay
  • Plan to production
  • Order to cash
  • Inventory management
  • Pick to ship
  • Post to close
  • Hire to retire


D365 for Discrete creates one connected operation

With D365 for Discrete, you can manage your entire production lifecycle, customer lifecycle and supply chain. And just like with the traditionally deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, D365 for Discrete seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Office applications that your users are already familiar with, facilitating rapid user adoption, overall satisfaction, and project success.

Grow as you go

D365 for Discrete enables you to start small with just what you need now, and expand your solution as your business grows and requirements change. Using the Microsoft Azure cloud enables you to future proof your IT investments and align your overall business and IT goals by providing a highly scalable platform that can grow as your business grows.

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AX4Discrete by mcaConnect, is an out of the box industry specific package to help your organization accelerate the timeline of your ERP implementation.