EnergyCONNECT oil and gas solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 for Operations, which provides accounting, resource planning, operations and system integration with global financial management requirements in mind. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations gives the oil and gas industry familiar, easy-to-use tools that enable them to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions.


  • Gross and Net Reporting
  • Field Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Workflow
  • Business Analytics
  • Multi-Language
  • Fixed Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

EnergyCONNECT offers Enterprise Asset Management for Dynamics 365 for Operations (EAM), the leading maintenance, repair and operation solution specifically designed to meet the challenges facing asset intensive organizations like the Oil and Gas industry. By deploying 365 for Operations EAM, your organization will maximize the uptime utilization of critical assets by ensuring they are properly maintained by certified technicians.  A deep understanding of asset groupings, their component histories and service requirements ensure that your assets are continually being monitored and scheduled for preventative maintenance, and reach their destinations in optimal working order.  Across multiple suppliers, products and resource types, 365 for Operations EAM is a powerful tool to track, schedule and manage critical business assets.  Extensive report sets and analysis tools included in 365 for Operations EAM provide the opportunity to truly understand the configuration, utilization, failure history and operational costs of your most critical assets.

Document Management

EnergyCONNECT enables Oil and Gas companies to streamline the handling and processing of transactions such as Accounts Payable, Customer/Supplier Contracts, Delivery Tickets, and Daily Activity Reports etc. Today, most companies have a manual process for storing hard copy documents which is proving to be expensive, error prone, costly and ineffective for compliance and other needs. EnergyCONNECT  improves this function by scanning documents into a collaborative Internet Portal page and linking the documents to financial and operational transactions in EnergyCONNECT .  By utilizing electronic document management and workflow within this process, improved approval processing, organized electronic filing and instant access to forms serving as backup for review is achieved with this solution saving costly errors, costly office space and improving your business interactions.

Field Service

EnergyCONNECT integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 to provide Well location information and contacts, field service tickets, service dispatch, delivery ticket creation and call close out. Real time activity updates help companies know exactly what equipment is at each Well Head, when services take place, and how to resolve issues like streamlining the cash to cash cycle by creating an EnergyCONNECT invoice from real time activity. Remote branches can now improve the time it takes to close out work and invoice.

mcaConnect Helps PVR Partners Better Manage their Business with EnergyCONNECT

mcaConnect Helps PVR Partners Better Manage their Business with EnergyCONNECT

Claude Harless, Director of Corporate and Coal Accounting at PVR Partners, discusses how mcaConnect used their industry expertise and EnergyCONNECT (previously AX4Energy) solution to help PVR Partners quickly get up and running on Microsoft Dynamics AX within a six month time frame.