Midstream Operations

Ready to Get that Oil & Gas to Market?

If your company is in the business of processing, transporting and marketing oil and gas products, mcaConnect can help you achieve the next level of business success. Our solutions give refineries and petrochemical manufacturers visibility and control of all your manufacturing operations – allowing you to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Gain Efficiency. Understand Your Options.

What should you do when prices fluctuate – hold and store? How much will that cost/save you?  Can you spot trends with customers, people and resources so you can anticipate how to minimize downtime? mcaConnect has built key functionality into Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM so you can manage compliance issues, divisions of interest, reporting and authorizations for expenditure.  Our Oil & Gas Solutions help midstream oil & gas companies:

  • Decide whether to purchase crude on the open market or plan production to take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Use communication and collaboration tools to anticipate, troubleshoot, and resolve problems quickly, thereby avoiding unplanned downtime
  • Increase visibility into operations to gain greater control over costs and improve efficiencies of scale
  • Manage the AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) processes, complete with automated workflows for approval tolerances and audit trails
  • Embed customizable contract templates for purchase, sale, transportation and storage agreements
  • Run a price simulator to evaluate ‘what if’ pricing, transportation, storage fee and other charges

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