Health and Safety Solutions

Automation helps streamline and standardize key processes such as incident management, and eliminate costly data capture errors and data entry redundancies.

By standardizing processes, data capture, and reporting, our Health and Safety solution helps oil and gas enterprises meet compliance mandates and reduce risk exposure, allowing compliance managers to more effectively do their job. Check out the features and benefits of our platform below or get an in-depth breakdown here.

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  • Configurable electronic data forms, workflows, dashboards, and business rules
  • Health & Safety surveys/audits
  • Incident reporting, corrective actions and TRIR measurement
  • Employee and contractor certification tracking
  • Ability to integrate data with ERP and others business systems
  • Call center capability: TAPI/Phone system connectivity
  • Contact management and activity tracking
  • Robust reporting
  • Mobile device access for field information capture, including capture of electronic signatures, photos and notes
  • Streamline reporting and analysis of incident and compliance results.
  • Proactively monitor trends to prevent costly accidents and improve safety.
  • Ensure certification compliance to mitigate work delays and lost productivity.
  • Avoid unnecessary non-compliance fines by ensuring procedures are followed and corrective actions are made