Oil & Gas


CRM Partner of the Year Finalist

mcaConnect has been working with oil and gas companies for over 20 years.

Do you need our help?

mcaConnect has worked with some of the biggest names in the oil & gas industry. Even if you’re running SAP globally, we can help you create manageable Microsoft-centric solutions your team can use day-to-day. All of our solutions integrate natively with other Microsoft products.

Plus our team knows the oil and gas industry inside-and-out. Some of our people have been working exclusively with energy companies for more than 20 years. We’ll help you figure out where to leverage industry best practices, and where you have opportunities to separate yourself from pack and build in competitive differentiators.

Our solutions help you with challenges, such as:

  • Difficulty managing accounting divisions of interest
  • Lacking access to systems in remote jobsites, reverting to paper processes
  • Experiencing downtime / overtime due to poor scheduling
  • Lack of procedures for preventive maintenance and asset management
  • Stringent compliance requirements
  • Lack visibility into business processes due to antiquated / cobbled systems
  • Working with duplication of data and islands of information
  • Over reliance on Excel
  • Spending too much time/money on system maintenance and customizations

How many of those scenarios are you facing? How much is it costing you?