Metals and Mining Manufacturing

The metals and mining manufacturing industry has been around since the dawn of civilization – and been instrumental to the growth of our global economy.

Considering that history, it might be understandable that the metals and mining industry has been one of the slowest to adopt modern technology. What we’ve seen is that you either have huge, tier-one systems that are inflexible and expensive to maintain – and/or – you have multiple specialty solutions that each solve one piece of your production equation, making it difficult to get big picture insights.Get a Value Assessment

At mcaConnect, we strive to provide a complete metals and mining manufacturing solution that bridges the gap between ERP and MES, so that your executives get all the insight needed to make strategic decisions – and your production staff have clear, streamlined tasks that will allow them to work at peak efficiency.

With the help of mcaConnect, you can build a competitive and profitable business because your business systems are modern, scalable and flexible:

  • Drive innovation by gathering actionable insights and trends
  • Reduce downtime by improving asset management and creating predictive maintenance schedules
  • Model potential savings and accelerate your lean journey
  • Easily comply with safety, environmental and other regulations
  • Consolidate legacy systems – bring up new acquisitions quickly
  • Eliminate spreadsheet reliance and need for multiple specialty solutions

mcaConnect Success Story

Situation: Over 1400 end products entirely make to order. Over 13 week lead time with on-time delivery 85%.


  • On-time delivery increased 12% to 97%
  • Lead time reduced 72 days to 7 days
  • Inventory reduced 67%
  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased market share to be leader in industry segment

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