Field Services for Manufacturing

mcaConnect’s Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Solution for Manufacturers is a great fit for manufacturing companies who have field sales and service reps out on client sites.

No more lost paperwork. No more calling back to the office to find out what the customer’s contract says. No more complicated scheduling. This all-in-one solution takes away the stress and logistical nightmare of getting the right people with the right skills to the right place at the right time.

mcaConnect combines Microsoft Dynamics Field Service with our deep manufacturing expertise to give you a solution that you can get up and running quickly. Like all Microsoft products, it integrates with other business applications and can almost immediately drive value to your organization. By working with mcaConnect, you get access to manufacturing-centric templates and workflows that can drive additional value to your organization.

Every implementation begins with our unequaled industry-ready Microsoft Dynamics CRM baseline for manufacturing and is extended to bring life to your critical business processes through our one-of-a-kind solutions, such as:

  • Locations Manager – Manage multiple sites with one system
  • Install Base Management – Manage your existing customers with deeper insight
  • Preventative Maintenance – Keep in compliance with your SLAs, ensuring uptime by regularly inspecting and maintaining your customer’s equipment
  • Dynamics Procedures – Extends the base system’s native checklists with manufacturing-centric data, such as gauge readings, temperature and volume measurements

Let us show you how this field services solution can add value to your manufacturing business by tying together insights such as product install base with parts replacement history and service request trends.

  • Minimize operational downtime through dynamic preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Foster customer loyalty and create happier employees by enabling your field service teams full view into product purchase and parts replacement histories, warranty and entitlement insights
  • Reduce duplication of effort and eliminate paperwork by capturing electronic signatures, having barcode / RFID scanning abilities even while offline, and integrating with other ERP and manufacturing control systems.
  • Create upsell opportunities and lower support costs by giving your customers and/or dealers real-time access to all aspects of their account, product and service history – plus the ability to create service requests and search the knowledge base for answers.