Chemical Manufacturing

“Many chemicals morph during manufacturing so we need to track a single part number as they
transform both ways—from dry to wet and vice versa.”

Al Alverez, General Manager of Cataler explaining why they chose Microsoft Dynamics from mcaConnect

As a chemical manufacturer, do you struggle with:

  • Lack of visibility, flexibility, and control over business processes?
  • Optimizing batches and production flows?
  • Managing profitable prices and margins?
  • Keeping up with regulatory compliance?
  • Using innovation to gain a competitive edge?

Profitability is a top priority for every company. We’ll help you gain better insight into your plant, helping increase speed and automation, while reducing fixed costs. With our solutions, your people can effectively manage recipes, or formulas, raw materials inventories, by-products, co-products, intermediates, and yield, which helps improve manufacturing agility, reduce costs, and consistently produce the highest-quality products.Get a Value Assessment

As a result, we can help you:

  • Prioritize customer and product decisions based on profitability
  • Track material costs to determine profitable pricing
  • Optimize batch planning and balancing
  • Analyze customer segments, product lines, and geographies to indicate the most profitable deals
  • Tap into customers’ orders and deadlines to better forecast demand
  • Track production, quality and compliance


mcaConnect Success Story

Situation: Process industry, 40 different products with large batches and long production runs. Too much of the wrong inventory. Forced to stop production due to lack of finished goods storage. At the same time, ext6ended lead times and put customers on allocation.


  • Created model for optimal batch sizes
  • Calculated “product wheel” as basis for formal scheduling discipline
  • Reduced lead time from 42 days to 7 days
  • Reduced inventory by 50%
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility
  • Increased cash flow

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