CRM Partner of the Year Finalist


No One Knows Manufacturing Like mcaConnect

Our goal is to be the #1 Microsoft Dynamics Partner for the Manufacturing Industry. Maybe not the biggest, but certainly the best.

Much of our leadership team, sales and consulting talent comes from a manufacturing background. If you’re a manufacturer, you want to work with us because we understand the culture and concerns of the manufacturing industry on a deep level.

We have manufacturing in our blood.  We are “Your People”

We consider ourselves a blend of “business strategists” and “solution implementers,” which means you get very practical, implementable strategies that align your manufacturing technology, people and processes to create a competitive advantage for your company. Not only do we offer full-service consulting for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but we are the only partner in the world with Areteium Lean Transformation Software that can help you run extensive ‘what if’ modeling scenarios.

Do You Need Our Help?

We work with mid-to-large manufacturing enterprises who are facing challenges such as:

  • Difficulty getting your ERP and MES systems to work together seamlessly
  • Using technology to accelerate your Lean Journey
  • Using technology to create and automatically enforce strategic differentiators
  • Uncertainty in how to fix shop floor bottlenecks
  • Long lead times and missed delivery dates
  • Uncertainty in how to optimize batches and production lines
  • Require multi-site, multi-currency, and/or multi-language capabilities
  • High complexity, high variation in products (even with low volume)
  • Inventory issues – too much, too little, wrong type
  • Lack supply chain visibility
  • Lack visibility into business processes due to antiquated / cobbled systems
  • Working with duplication of data and islands of information
  • Heavy use of Excel with multiple Excel power users
  • Stringent compliance requirements
  • Missing opportunities due to inadequate product and customer lifecycle management
  • Spending too much time/money on system maintenance and customizations

How many of those scenarios are you facing? How much is it costing you?

How Can You Trust mcaConnect is the Partner for You

We have a long history of being recognized by both customers and Microsoft for our manufacturing industry excellence. In 2015 alone, Microsoft awarded us with ERP Partner of the Year and we were a finalist for CRM Partner of the Year. In addition, we won the U.S. Manufacturing Industry Partner of the Year.

While recognition from Microsoft is amazing, it’s seeing the transformation with customers that lights our fire. We love being able to help a company save millions of dollars – and improve their service to their customers.

The reason we became a Microsoft Dynamics partner in the first place was because we believe that your mission-critical business systems should be intuitive and flexible, allowing your company to be more nimble, efficient and competitive.