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Intercompany Transfers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Does your company act as an umbrella organization with multiple companies underneath it? This common scenario can be easily handled by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

We’ve put together this technical whitepaper that shows how your production plans should be setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX and how the trading relationship works between the companies.

For this whitepaper, we’re using the example of Contoso Entertainment, a global enterprise with many companies under its umbrella. Contoso operates in different countries offering wide range of products to its customer base locally as well as worldwide. In this scenario, we have 3 sub-companies:

  • DEMF is German based company that is responsible for selling audio/video products all over Europe. Business model for DEMF is that it operates on sales forecast and actual sales order demand.
  • USMF, a US based company, is the main manufacturing and assembly plant that caters to demands of audio and video products.
  • CNMF, a China based company, manufactures products and sells to USMF company and then USMF in turn assembles the final product utilizing the configured component and various other components manufactured in-house or procured/sourced from local vendors and sells the configured product to DEMF (intercompany) or to direct customers.

To see how to configure your Microsoft Dynamics AX to handle intercompany transfers, download this whitepaper now! NOTE: This whitepaper is aimed at a technical audience.

Hermant KumthekarWritten by Hemant Kumthekar
Senior Implementation Consultant, mcaConnect